Fuusio Cloud is an all-in-one remote monitoring system, ideally suited for small and medium sized businesses, as well as for all kinds of remote monitoring projects.

Easy to start: Decide what you want to monitor and choose right sensors from our growing portfolio of pre-configured sensors that work right out of the box*. Subscription based pricing – pay as you go with monthly or yearly billing that includes everything, no hardware purchases or SIM contracts necessary.

Growing possibilities of what you can monitor, starting with:

  • Temperatures, humidities (facilities, warehouses)
  • Metering and industrial applications
  • Air Quality (offices, public spaces)
  • Geographically distributed entities (supply chain, logistics)
  • …adding new possibilities based on customer feedback

Tools to improve your business: Use our standard cost effective web site to view sensor information, or customize the solution to meet your unique business needs, whether thats a unique web interface or an intelligent IoT system with targeted business analytics. For example, want to inspect if your product quality is affected by various environmental conditions measured by Fuusio Cloud? No problem, we help you through this.

Contact us for pricing and further details

* subject to applicable network coverage in customer location