Smart glasses are coming and the potential to transform business is enormous. Meanwhile phones and tablets are being equipped with augmented reality capabilities, with Apple and Google announcing new features at a very fast pace. According to Harvard Business Review, early adopter large corporations are seeing notable improvement on employee productivity using augmented reality, for example:

Boeing: Aircraft assembly, trainees completed work in 35% less time.
GE: Wiring process in wind turbines, 34% increase in productivity.
DHL: AR guided picking process in warehouses, 25% gains in productivity.
Intel: AR in warehouses, 29% reduction in picking time, near zero errors.
Lee Company: Saves more than 500$ per technician per month in costs, 20 to 1 ROI ratio.

Those businesses that start experimenting with this technology today, will be the ones to gain competitive edge. Whether it be trialing in your manufacturing environment, warehouse, on-the-spot employee training, or something completely different – Fuusio Labs helps you get on board with this new technology and develops the solutions that meet your business needs.